The Architecture of Spirit

The Incas worshipped the sun, which they called Inti. I was fortunate to capture the first rays of sunlight at the Temple of the Sun during both solstices one year. At the June solstice, the temple's carved stone floor is perfectly aligned with the sun that reaches it through the east-facing window (see image below).  It was the Inca's way of using architecture to celebrate the sun's return to them after its northern trajectory. 


At the December Solstice, it wasn't until my third and final morning that clouds finally parted, allowing the sun's rays to shine through the temple's south-facing window. Unfortunately, a man was standing on a wall in an out-of-bounds area directly in the frame of my camera. I broke rule number two and yelled - pleaded actually - but he would not move (turns out he was a government official!). So I did the next logical thing - I joined him. He continued to stand on the wall but graciously backed away so that I could take the photograph you see below.